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Hey guys, i need some help getting a video single from my old laptop which has vga to my 50 inch tv which has hdmi. I was wandering if i only need to get video, no audio from the pc to the computer could i get this cord:
I dont want to buy a hdmi to vga converter, im just hoping its possible to get just a video signal to the tv without any other hardware.
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  1. Unless your laptop's GPU supports "HDMI-over-VGA" (which is limited to 1024x768), your only choices will be to either get VGA-to-HDMI converter or give up.
  2. Yes the cable you selected will work (Video Only of course)
  3. Check your tv again, it should have a port for vga.
  4. Vga to hdmi cables do now work unless you have a special vga or hdmi port that supports input/output of either. you will need a signal converter such as what jay suggests
  5. Do not work i mean, stupid system, cant edit my own posts.
  6. mauller07 said:
    Do not work i mean, stupid system, cant edit my own posts.

    Quick Edit is your friend..
  7. Ok, ill feel around and see if if there is a vga port back there.
  8. You will need to use an active converter because VGA is analog and HDMI is digital. I would recommend checking ( Part # SCA-VGA-HD).
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