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Case fans make a lot of noise when attached to case

So I recently installed new case fans and a liquid cooling setup. After installation I powered up my computer and it sounded like a jet was about to take off. I was surprised because the reviews on the fans I bought were good and so I decided to do a little troubleshooting. Just to get an idea what I am working with, the case fans I bought are the Cooler Master Sickle Flow 120. The liquid cooling I bought is the Corsair H80. However, I replaced the stock H80 fans with Corsair SP120's.

In my troubleshooting I found the fans I bought are actually very quiet. However, when installed on the case, they make a lot of noise. First, with the liquid cooling setup I have the push/pull blowing into the case and pulling air from out of the case. I noticed the only fan making a lot of noise was the fan in between the radiator and the case blowing into the radiator. The problem was the fan was creating such a large suction in the opposite direction it was blowing (in the area between the case and the fan) that it was making a noise with the gradient of the case. In fact, reversing the push/pull, making the fan between the radiator and the case pull air out of the case got rid of the noise completely, but I took a 5c hit.

The same thing goes for the case fans except the only fan making a lot of noise is the side fan. The front fan makes no noise. However, the fan on the side of the case, blowing air into the computer, is also making that suction noise against the gradient of the case. If I detach the fan from the case, the fan is quiet.

I was just wondering if there was anything I can do. I do not really want to take a 5c hit on the CPU and the side case fan noise is high pitch and obnoxious.

I appreciate any help!
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    Im not exactly sure what you mean but i have some what of an idea. What i do know is that rubber case fan pull-through plugs can help with noise some times, and there pretty cheap.
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  3. quote = I have the push/pull blowing into the case and pulling air from out of the case.

    Both fans need to be blowing air in the same direction, namely out of the case since their job is heat removal. Same for top and rear fans.

    Botton, front, and side should be blowing air into the case.
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