I deleted a folder full of files I've worked weeks on by mistake, windows shifted the page up when I went to click the sample images folder to delete. How do I recover it, I clicked empty recycle bin and just noticed when it was too late?
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  1. Hello,

    Try using recuva:
  2. also I recommend PhotoRec here:
  3. Just curious, but why did you need to delete the Sample Images folder?
  4. Pezcore27 said:
    Just curious, but why did you need to delete the Sample Images folder?

    Because it take's up a whopping 5.6MB and with HDD prices still inflated.....NO SPACE SHALL BE WASTED! :pt1cable:
  5. Next time I would open the folder and select what images or documents I do not need and remove them. It is the contents not the folder that uses drive space. The folder takes almost zero space when empty. The OS does rely on certain necessary folders to be present even if they are empty. Also your reasoning about wasted space is only relevant if you are near full capacity on the present drive. I do regard wasted time spent trying to fix problems as a greater waste than HDD occupied space I am not pressed to use. I guess the issue still is "can you recover the files deleted in error"? Did any of the suggestions work?
  6. My post was a joke and I this isn't my thread....not sure you quite understood that? Hehe....
  7. Yes and no. For some Office documents, the software makes shadow copies. These are termed versions and are created during edits and saves. Even if the saved document is recycle deleted the versions remain and can be recovered. Also what the recycle bin does is strips only partial file information making the site on the disk available to be written over. It does not erase the data entirely. This is why you can recover Recycle Bin deleted items, if you act quickly, using software made for this purpose. In fact you never really erase anything via deletes. Software that removes or destroys data over writes the disk clusters with random 1's and 0's. The closest you can come to erasing a disk is to format it.
  8. Chainzsaw said:

    Try using recuva:

    does in needs to be register like other programs
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