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450w power supply for 450w video card

I've searched through a number of threads, as well as used a few "psu calculators" but have been unable to come to a definitive answer, so I need a little expert help here. Can I safely install a 450w recommended video card into my system? I've got everything setup on my new system except for a video card :ouch:

Specs for the first system I put together:

Case: FT03 mini (mini-itx build)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3550
Motherboard: Asus p8z77-i deluxe ITX
CPU water cooler kit: Antec Kuhler H2O 620
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb D3-1600 (1 stick, but possible add another stick in the future)
SSD: Crucial M4Slim 128g
HDD: Seagate 320g ST3320620AS 7200rpm
Power supply: Silverstone ST45SF-G 450w
Fan: Only running the 140mm fan that came with case
USB devices: USB3 HDD enclosure (has its own power supply), USB receiver for mouse, USB receiver for keyboard
Monitors: 2

Mixed messages
- I have seen threads suggesting that a 450w supply will run a 450w rated GPU with no problems. Generally they claim the reason for this is because ratings are done assuming sub-par brands of PSU's don't always deliver what they say.
- After putting all my specs into a PSU calculator (with a video card I was considering), it tells me my minimum recommended PSU would be 450w. However, if I change USB devices from 2 to 3, it changes its recommendation to 500w :o
- A more experienced friend of mine told me its risky to run a 450w GPU on a 450w PSU as my system could become unstable under load
- I phoned the computer shop selling the video card, and they said I need a 500w power supply. (the video card website says I need 450w minimum)

Video card

I'm looking for a mid range video card to add to an already pretty decent system. Mostly for general use as well as occasional gaming, although I'm not too crazy about playing on high/ultra game settings, and will not be doing any overclocking.

So far, the only suitable video cards I've found are the Inno3d GTX 560 and Zotac GTX 560 SE (within my price range of HK$1000-1500 or US$139 -193). Whilst I would be happy to go with lower performing GPU with less than 450w, I'm also looking for a GPU with a blower style fan (ones that shoot air out of the case via the PCI slot next to it). Silverstone recommends these type of video cards due to the case design, and I can see why, since a regular fan on a card would blow air directly against the case and circulate into an already cramped space. My options for a video card are significantly reduced because of this.

Apologies for the long post. I guess this applies to the video card section of the forum, as well as this one.

1. Can I install a 450w video card in my system? Some explanation is also appreciated, although I know nothing of 'rail's', amps, etc.
2. If not, can you recommend another suitable video card, given the requirements above (blower style fan, mid range, and within my budget)?

Many thanks
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  1. You should have no issues with the compnents listed. The Silverstone is a very good quality unit that gives 37A on the 12v rail and will run the 560 without issues.
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    The GPU's you have listed will only pull around ~150w from your PSU, the other components in your rig will pull around ~150-200w as well, which gives you a worst case scenario max load of around ~300w-350w :)

    TL;DL - 450w is more than enough for you.
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