I need a case with a lot of air filters

Hello, title says it all, im in charge of the computers in my company, and we work in a very dusty environment, I clean the inside of the computers at least once every two weeks and end up taking out about a cup of dust out of each one.

Does anyone know of a medium-small ATX case that has build in air filters on all air intake areas? I need to swap cases on all computers, were about to upgrade to new builds and want to find the best dust-proof case I can out there.

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    budget? fractal define mini
  2. Money isnt a issue as long as its not over 200$ per
    The computers we're building are all 2.2+ each in price with a 100$ case included in the price

    Prefer it doesn't have ricer colors as its for a company

    I don't want micro ATX sizes, Mid Tower is perfect, a mini would be fine if it fits a 660 TI SSD/2TB HDD, even a full tower is fine if it has all the features we're looking for, im just having a hard time finding good filtering on cases, the NZXT 810 is ok but its TOO BIG and too gaming, my boss wont take it serious
  3. Depending on the shop's layout and where the computers are within it, one option might be to use a central air filter with ducts (a dusty shop should already have good air filtering to scrub dust in a way that minimizes the risk of dust explosions) to bring that to PCs instead of filtering them individually.

    If your shop does not have a dust control strategy, you might want to address that first before something bad happens. Dust explosions may seem a little silly but they have destroyed many flour factories over the years. They also killed a few Foxconn employees in recent years.

    If the ducted air feed is feasible in your shop, you could use an Antec 300/302, tape off the top vent and connect the air feed to the side intake.
  4. Its not that serious, basically we have a garage of trucks and the flooring outside in the garage (about a 400 sq yd area) is not concrete, its some sort of sand/dirt etc and people drag it in the office whenever they come in, its nearly impossible to keep the dust out.

    Those Fractal cases look PERFECT for my work environment, especially the white ones, thank you 13thmonkey
    quiet dust filtered, lots of airflow, understated
    define mini is micro atx, above is full atx. Have built with two, nice cases.
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  7. build an enclosure around the PC.

    Physical means will win. Even if it's partial cabinetry like just top and sides will help with the dust.
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