New case for snapped power line from power button

So I had a desktop which was working until I snapped the power wires from the actual power button on the front of the desktop. This computer was working fine until this happened. I can verify that it is going to be almost impossible to get the wires soddered onto the leads again.

My question is that if I just get another case can I just hook everything up again?

I parted out this desktop and I saw that the power wire connects to the motherboard, so if I just get another case, I can hook it up and it will power on?

No point in wasting a perfectly good dual core for my parents to use :P
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  1. Or you could just get a new power button from Ebay:

    (I picked one at random, you can do better. I don't know seller, etc.)

    White Orange PC Power Switch Button SW Motherboard Cable
    Please note that we are selling factory direct products. All our products are 100% brand new in manufacturer's packaging.

    Prodcut Name PC Power Switch Button Cable
    Length 51cm / 20.1"
    Material Plastic
    Color Orange, White
    Weight 3g
    Package Content 1 x PC Power Switch Button Cable


    Replace a broken power switch cable or design your own case mod with this on/off switch cable.
    Fits onto your motherboard's power switch (Power SW) headers and features a small momentary-on (SPST) button.
  2. It looks like the same power switch that's on the front of the computer.

    Are all switches the same?

    Can I just drop it in and it'll work?
  3. Yes switches are all the same --- as long as they say PC power on/off switch. That's how the same MB can work in many different cases.

    PC power switch is Intermittent. That means when you press it to turn on it momentarily turns on then off again. You can't use a switch that stays on all the time (nor can you short the wires together to bypass having a switch). All pc power switches do this correctly.
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