Restart loop before BIOS

I just managed to build my computer, but when I start it it goes into a restart loop and i have to turn of the psu to turn it off.
I already change the RAM from sockets, but the problem persists.


Motherboard MSI Z77A-G45
CPU Intel I5 3570
Ram Corsair 8Gb
PSU Corsair 850W
Video card 580GTX
HDD 2 WD blue

Thanks for the future help.

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  1. Probably a failed PSU, can you try another.
  2. I dont have any other psu to try.
    Everything turns on, the fans, lights, but after a couple of seconds it restarts.
  3. That doesn't matter. Only a couple of month ago I had a psu fail after only a few hours running. I was gutted because it also meant my new case had to go back.

    Can you get your hands on a multimeter to measure the supply voltages, for the few seconds that the psu is up?
  4. Could this test work?

    EDIT: What other thing could be failing?
  5. it could be the bios needs new code for the cpu and or ram. I would start by pulling the video card and use one stick of ram. and see if the mb posts. if you cant tget it to post see if you have another dimm to see if it the dimm or the mb. also check that you have the 4/8 pin atx power connected. it going to be white just like the 24 pin but it be 4 or 8 pins near the cpu. if that not plugged in the mb wont post right. also check that the video card has all the power pluggs connected.
  6. It's already solved, some of the pins from the MB where bend.

    Thanks for the help.
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