Will a 450w power supply an intel i7 3820 and geeforce 465 graphics card

yes want to build a new comp as my old a-bit finally bit the dust lol.

wanted to go with a sabertooth x79, intel i7 3820, and i have a geeforce 465 i will be placing inside of it. I also have a Corsair vx450w power supply and was wondering if it would be adiquate for the job or if i really have to replace it? any info would be great. i know the processor uses 130 but its not the only chip on the board and the 8 ram slots prob dont help, but we will all agree its awesome.
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  1. the corsair VX450w has 33a on the 12v rail, enough for your set up.
  2. sweet thanks!! i can put my pennies back in the pig
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