Corsair vengance and the NH-D14


I had a look around the interwebs and saw mixed responses to similar questions, Will Corsair Vengance fit in with an NH-D14? (i will be using a Asus P8Z77-V LE mobo). So I've seen some people say that it will and that it won't because of proximity of DIMM slots to the CPU socket, Has anyone tried this particular combo or know anyone that has. If it doesn't fit it will just give me an excuse to buy some Mushkin Radioactive memory =D


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  1. It probably won't fit, I would look for Vengeance low profile memory.
  2. I know it probably won't but yet there are people for who it worked... Thanks for the reply anyway.
  3. On certain boards you will be able raise the fan on the cooler and have it fit but on most boards the heatsink will get in the way.
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