New Dell Precision 380 build will not boot

I recently bought a new HD6850 and PSU for my Dell Dimension e520, but quickly realized the card slots in the case were configured poorly for this card (the PCI-E is the top slot on the board, but the card requires 2). So I dug out an old Dell Precision 380 to make a new build from it.

I installed the new PSU and graphics card into the 380 and transferred my HD, memory, and optical drives from the e520. I kept the 380's original board, CPU + sink, and fans. Now the PC won't boot, and there is no display on the monitor. It begins to start, but I get the 1, 2, and 3 diagnostic lights on the I/O panel. "Another Failure has occurred." Very helpful. All the components seem to be getting power, all fans run, and the PSU is plugged into the 12v power connector and the main power connector on the board.

Here is what I tried so far:

- Checked the data and power cable connections for all the drives. They appear to be well connected and the primary HD is in SATA0 on the board. All drives use SATA connections.

- Unplugged each drive and tried to boot with them unplugged. Then connected them one by one, trying to boot each time. Then I tried booting with the 380's original HD only (no opticals).

- Put the 380's original memory modules back in.

- Removed the HD6850 card from the board and PSU.

Each of these steps awarded me no success, and the system would not boot at any point. I kept getting the same error each time.

Any suggestions what could be the issue? At one point the system was in the original configuration except for the PSU and optical drives. I doubt it's the PSU since everything looks like it has power.

Old build:
Pentium 4
Dell 375W PSU
2 GB RAM (1x2)
FX Quadro Pro

New build:
Pentium 4
Cooler Master Elite RS-460-PSAR-J3 RT
4 GB RAM (2x2)
XFX Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
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  1. as I know most of Dell PSUs and motherboards use proprietary wiring (not plugs) so only Dell motherboards are compatible with Dell PSUs and vice versa

    long story short: your Cooler Master PSU is not compatible with the 380's motherboard, even if you can connect them
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