Need video card to run two screens on dell gx620 single core pent 4

I need to run two screens on two of the computers in my organization. I have hard they will need video cards. Please let me know what make and model of card I will need to upgrade the computers. they are Dell Optiplex GX620 single core pentium 4 operating on Windows XP professional. 4gigs of memory, 80 gig hard drive.
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  1. What form factor these come in Mini size and standard.. This depends on wether you get a hlf height card or standard.

  2. Also list your monitor hookups (VGA, DVI, HDMI, multiple options?). This can help with the specific recommendation since a lot of cards have dropped VGA and only have one DVI-I port.
  3. I removed the silly PCI X2 sideways expansion and that reviled a slot for a Dell website reccomended Radeon™ HD 5450 PCI Express Graphic Card from VisionTek® Dell Part# : A3642310. I did have to make a few modifications to my small form size GX620 But so far so good! with 1 GB of ram on the Graphics card plus the Pent D Duo core processor (Not to fast It's like having a new machine. But like all new machines your software may not like the change!
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