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So this may seem like a generic nooby question but I have quite a big problem. Basically I bought a HD 6850 for my new build but the computer didn't recognise it, but the new hardware recognised my old 9600GT just fine. I sent the 6850 back as faulty but the company said there was nothing wrong with it. If you send something back as faulty and they decide otherwise they charge you quite a significant sum of money, this leads me to believe that this was some kind of scam, rather than my hardware is incompatible like they said.

So before I buy another GPU I thought I'd come to you guys and ask for some advice.

My build is:

i5 2400
Corsair 500W
Motherboard is an Asrock H61M-VS, details can be found here

So either the first story is true, but it was quite a well known online PC hardware retailer. But the GPU I bought from them wasn't a normal listing, but rather listed under their own brand name, with a 1 year warranty as opposed to 2 years that most of the others had, being sold at a lower price than all the others. I remember its packaging being in a more worn and rugged condition to the other components that had their boxes in perfect condition, so maybe it was used, damaged or old stock?

All this leads me to believe that I have somehow been deceived, but as this was a well known online retailer, as opposed to some dodgy ebay seller, leaves me undecided.

The other option could be that my PSU is faulty, but as it has powered my old GPU fine and that the 6850 doesn't use much power, leads me to think otherwise.

Or simply my Motherboard can only use Nvidia GPUs?

Would love any advice or opinions, as I still need to get a new GPU as I've been using my old 9600GT.
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    Your MOBO is not Nvidia bound. When you put the 6850 in was your old card in as well? Problem you have is the drivers. You need to do a driver sweep of all the drivers for the nvidia card.

    Take out the Nvidia card and put your 6850 card and make sure you have the 6pin conneter run the card from the PSU. Then boot up and go to AMD or use the cd that came with the card.

    When it comes to custom click on it then look for clean install. After you do all that it should see your card. Then you can add your old card and go get its drivers. If after connecting the 6pin connecter

    You fan on the card is not working then you have a bad GPU. But to make sure try it on another rig a frinds or family's rig. It sounds like they sold you a refurbished GPU. That is why it was so much cheaper. Good luck to you.
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