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I have an Asus M4A79T deluxe mobo and the onboard network adapter never worked properly . I installed a pci realtek one and it worked fine for a month and half .

Recently i experienced disconnects and stuff from the internet , basicly my internet speed starts decreasing from 7 mb/s to 1mb/s (download) , and continues decreasing until it reaches 10 kb/s or so . ( sometimes it works for a few hours , sometimes for a few minutes) . I've noticed that when im talking on skype , when this happens , I can't hear the other person properly , but they seem to hear me .

I thought its software related so i reinstalled windows and got specific drivers . I also tried using another modem , and the same thing is happening . The only thing i haven't tried yet , is changing the ethernet cable .

I want to mention that when i connect my laptop or my tablet through wireless it all goes well , no speed decrease , no disconnect .
My questiong is .. Can a damaged ethernet cable really cause this ?

Thank you in advance .
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  1. Hmm...
  2. Change the Ethernet cable. You could be experiencing a high loss in receive packets due to a bad cable which could show the symptoms you describe.
  3. To add to Phil... Also if you have power cables running parallel to the Ethernet cable, you can get EMI (Electromagnetic interference). Crossing power & Ethernet cables is fine, but every now and then parallel will cause issues.

    Also I just looked up your motherboard... have you updated your BIOS lately? They have released 24 revisions.

    If you do update the BIOS, be sure to follow the directions to the letter. If it goes badly it could brick your motherboard... Very slim chance you brick it, but it can happen...

    Just a though,
    Good luck!
  4. You can fix the issues related to slow Internet connectivity using your wireless router. For this, you can check the issue at hand. If you find that you have a slow connectivity due to the range, you can always access the Internet within the range recommended by your router manufacturer. If you have any issues with your Ethernet cable, you can check and replace your cables. If the issue is because of the router hardware, you may need to get it replaced or repaired. The problems with your ISP can be fixed by contacting your ISP. :hello:
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