Im getting confused

I was looking at the specs for a new computer i bought, and a few programs told me that i had an intel Pentium III Xeon processor. but when i looked at my computer specs in windows, it told me i had a intel Core 2 Quad 8300, and i dont know which processor i have now :(
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  1. What are you using? CPU-Z
  2. im using windows XP, and im looking to upgrade, and i may just give it back. Im looking for a gaming computer, this is not it.
  3. No that is hardly new either!
  4. well its a new computer to me. Im kinda angry, because i need to fix this guys car for this peice of junk he called a computer
  5. in Registry Editor :
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\Cen tralProcessor\0\ProcessorNameString
    report like above your CPU it's ok and right ... assumiing just bug software
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