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A friend recently purchased Resident Evil 5, he wanted to play it on his computer. Installed fine, but when he went to launch the game in DX 9 mode the cursor pops up on a black screen and it doesn't go any further?

He just got the latest driver, and he can't try DX 10 because his GPU is DX 9. He also looked and has 800 MB of shared VRAM.

What could the problem be? So far he has tried running in admin mode to no avail. And try to open it in lowest res possible.

If it were not compatible, wouldn't he get an error message and not the black screen? Specs?

Sempron 2.3 GHZ
GeForce 6150SE
Win 7 64-bit

Does not meet the required specs I know, but the problem isn't performance wise it just won't get past black screen.
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    No, that is the problem. His harware is barely enough to run win 7, and I'm not certain why hes running 64 bit with those specs. His PC probably just chugs along as it is.
    RE5 is a realtively new game and will require a dedicated graphics card to run. If he wants to run any modern 3d games he needs to upgrade. Sorry.
  2. WIN 7 requires 2 GB of ram (not shared with video) and 4 GB is recommended for the 64 bit version.
    He has 1.2 GB and 800megs is shared with the onboard video.

    Not to mention the single core CPU which is also not favorable for WIN7.
  3. I can tell you from watching him use his comp. that it is not "chugging" along. It works fine, is not sluggish at all.

    Maybe hardware is in the way for RE5, I will tell him so.

    But to go as far and say that the current specs aren't the best for win 7 64-bit is a bit off.
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