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Upgrading graphics for HTPC

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 27, 2012 7:42:19 PM

Hi Guys,
I currently have a ASUS M4N78-AM with an AMD Phenom 9650 Quadcore 2.3GHz processor. I want to use it for a HTPC but it doesnt have a HDMI port. The inbuilt graphics card is a GeForce 8200 and I want to know how best to upgrade to get a HDMI port and decent HD playback.
Also i was thinking, is it worth upgrading or should I go for a new mother board with HDMI, is the CPU worth keeping or should I replace that too?
Any help would be appreciated as I have been out of the PC scene for about 7 years.
The main use of the PC would be web browsing and movie watching. I never use blueray discs and I stream or download everything.

February 27, 2012 8:07:04 PM

Sorry forgot to mention I have a Sweex 350 WATT psu at the moment. 3GB ram and 500GB HDD.
February 27, 2012 8:22:40 PM

thently said:
If you are looking for the cheeeeepest answer here you go.

Mind you also the worst vidiocard LOL but it will do what you need. Beter than the stock you have but not by much.


Thanks for the link. I was thinking of maybe spending up to 3 times that much but I would like some decent performance return for the cost. I just dont really know if the Mboard and CPU are worth the effort for what I need and i dont want to just burn $75 if it's not worth it. Would a decent graphics card give me decent HD quality playback without freezing up using the ASUS M4N78-AM with an AMD Phenom 9650 Quadcore 2.3GHz processor and 350 watt PSU?