Full tower vs Mid Tower.

hey guys, I am looking for a case for my new build. I am considering either the Phantom 410 or just the Phantom. I know that full tower offers better cooling, but I want to know how large the difference will be. My budget is $100 so the 410 is perfect, and the Full Tower Phantom is $135 with shipping. Is it worth it to buy the full tower anyways? I do not plan on water cooling or overclocking.
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  1. 410 will be the better choice in your scenario.
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    The full tower gives you more options for adding fans to have better air flow. A mid tower can be more cramped inside and wires can be harder to keep out of the way and may prevent good air flow. You don't need to overclock or have water cooling to get a full tower , the added space inside makes it easier to work inside and if you do end up adding anything to the inside you have room for it.
    The full tower looks like it has a lot of added ports on the outside top and front and the cooling solution looks better also.
    I would choose the Phantom full tower. However your the one buying it and in the end it's your choice if you want to go over the budget to go with the full tower or stay on budget with the mid tower.
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