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I have been noticing something to do with shadows in game and it is really starting frustrating. When I approach a building there are shadows moving left to right and vise versa. Please find a video at my you tube page and please give me some help to see if this is perfectly normal or not as I will have to send my card back. Thanks in advance

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  1. I don't see any problem with your graphics card
  2. I see the issue your talking about, it's a crappy game.
  3. spentshells said:
    I see the issue your talking about, it's a crappy game.

    What Stalker & BF3 are crappy I even noticed I agree Fallen earth is not the best.
  4. Again another game and more shadow problems
  5. Stalker is crappy I guess I should have watched the rest.
  6. This does not look like a hardware problem.
    Remove the drivers with driver sweeper
    reboot and try an older driver
    When in the nvidia control center always allow game to choose settings
    Some games will act funny like you see there when the video card is trying to add it's own filters and effects over top of the games frame rendering
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