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I just opened up this new case for my custom build, and as luck would NOT have it, there is no manual for it. Their website is completely unhelpful and nobody is there on weekends.

Any clue as to where I can get one?
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  1. What do you need the manual for? What part of the build has you confused?
  2. All of it.

    This is my first build.
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    Did the case come with a bunch of riser screws like this: or similar? If it did then you need to screw them in to the holes on the inside of the case that line up with the screw holes of your motherboard (there should be 9). It is also possible that the case has built in risers (it would be an elevated part of the case in 9 places with a hole a screw can fit in).

    Once that is done (if you had to do it) put the motherboard's I/O shield in to the case (it came with the mobo, not the case).

    The next step is to put the mobo in to the case and screw it in place. After that all the other instructions for the cables that came with the case will be in your mobo's manual.

    For more help check this for a step by step video:
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