Turn on turbo boost technology, Intel turbo boost has to be enable to run this p

In the past, when I run the Turbo Boost Technology Monitor, it works fine. But just recently, performance on games has been extremely slow, so I checked it again. When I opened the monitor, it said "Turn on turbo boost technology, Intel turbo boost has to be enable to run this program".
I looked up multiple forums and etc but I couldn't find a way to enable it. I've also installed HWiNDO and after the test it said Turbo Boost Technology - Supported, Disabled. I'm on a laptop and there's nothing to enable in the BIOS. I've tried overcloaking with MSI Afterburner too, but that didn't work either. How can I re enable turbo boost?

Oh, and I'm plugged in, and power plan is on High Performance.
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  1. try to set your bios to default settings
  2. oxford373 said:
    try to set your bios to default settings

    I'm on a laptop, nothing to enable in the BIOS...
  3. What CPU?
  4. can you tell us what is your laptop model or enter device manager to tell us what is your laptop CPU and graphics card
    (F6) key is the optimized defaults settings key at bios for most MSI motherboards so try it
  5. I'm using a Acer Aspire 4752G
    Intel Core i7-2670QM
    NVIDIA GeForce GT540M

    And I tried default for the bios, still doesn't work.
  6. Check with Acer because the processor does support Turbo boost but maybe Acer disabled it for some reason.
  7. The thing is, it was perviously enabled, and I had no problems with it.
  8. Have you done a recent Bios update?
  9. Nope.
  10. all programs and games should work properly even if intel turbo boost disabled ,and gt540m is barely enough to play DX11 games with medium settings, its just a little bit faster than intel HD4000.,3107-7.html
    so i think games slow not because turbo boost disabled,because gt 540 is very slow graphics card.
    and any cpu without turbo boost technology(like pentium g620) or turbo boost disabled can play all games with maxed out settings if you have fast graphics card like amd hd 7850 or gtx 560ti .
  11. But the game was running smoothly before, and thats not the point isnt it? I'm trying to enable the turbo boost, not getting a lecture about how bad the graphics card is. Plus, I could run games like MW2 and Skyrim at high or ultra settings before at 60 fps when turbo boost was enabled since I had 10 Gb of ram. Your argument is invalid.
  12. try to install latest nvidia drivers for gt540m here
    win7 32bit
    win7 64bit
    also make sure your laptop using gt540 for games not intel integrated GPU ,you have tow ways to do that 1) disable intel IGP at bios 2)you can disable intel IGP from nvidia driver by choosing high performance nvidia processor like this picture on this website
  13. I already have the latest driver and I'm sure i'm using the nvidia driver for the games. The problem is still not solved though. I've fixed the graphics card issue awhile ago since i could tell from the options in Skyrim that I used to be using the intel graphics card. Turbo boost still doesn't work. :/
  14. what i meant sometimes laptop automatically switch to intel integrated graphics card at power saving mode ,and the picture at the website up show you how to choose intel graphics card or nvidia graphics card at nvidia control panel .
    quote (Turn on turbo boost technology, Intel turbo boost has to be enable to run this program) can you send us a picture for this error, and what is the game/ program showed this message exactly.
  15. Is the turboboost service running or in a stopped state? Try re-enabling in under services in admintrative tools
  16. There is no services that says turbo boost.
  17. Reinrex said:
    There is no services that says turbo boost.

    crap.. maybe that was vista.

    Is speed-step enabled in the bios?
  18. Not sure whats that, but I don't think I see that in the bios..
  19. BUMP.
  20. Read my post bro. Turbo boost monitor is why i ALREADY know its not enabled.
  21. Reinrex said:


    Bump posts
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