Msi gtx560 ti-448 twin frozr vs gigabyte gtx560 ti-448?

hey guys i have decided between 2 cards (gtx 560 ti). they are both the 448 core version, as i want more performance. i appreciate all help!


i understand the second one is factory overclocked with better cooling and i would totally go for that but maybe you guys could link me a good cooler so i dont have to worry about it overheating. thanks!
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  1. BigMack70 said:
    Get the MSI Twin Frozr version... you'll have better overclocking with it and that cooler should be able to handle any heat the GPU puts out.

    You'll hear both good and bad things about any model, but the Twin Frozr designs are some of the most broadly acclaimed out there.

    Thank you for a response. So since the msi twin frozr is factory overclocked (i think) then should I get the other one so I can manually oc it? Not sure
  2. Get a Radeon 6950 as you can unlock it to a 6970 and it will preform way more than what a GTX560 will give you.
  3. Thanks guys I will definitely get the MSI twin frozr one. Will my i5 2500k 3.3ghz sandy bridge CPU work well with it?
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