I know im picky!

I'm building a new 3d gaming rig, my problem is the case! i need an mATX acrylic case that would take these components. components are not many but they are big... i looked at many youtube videos for builds but i can tell these cases wont handle my stuff... if you have any experience or have 2 cents to give me please go ahead... i need it to be mATX and i need it be all clear if not MOSTLY see through, thank you in advance.

Mobo: Asus MAXIMUS V GENE Z77 mATX (didn't buy yet)
CPU: i3570k (didn't buy yet), planning on OC'ing... for cooling Corsair H40 Liquid CPU Cooler or H60 haven't decided yet
RAM: 8g 2x4 1600 Vengeance blue Low Profile (already have but can buy different)
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 680 oc 3x windforce :love: (alreadu have but can buy different)
PSU: Corsair AX750 (already have and cant change it and would hate to replace it)
SSD: just 1 240 gb ssd havnt decided on the brand yet, no hdd
CD-ROM: optional i have enough room i'll get one, if not an external or a slim one

if you have any comments on the components or the case dont be shy!
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  1. I've seen a few acrylic cases, none that were smaller than standard Atx though,
    Although this one claims M-Atx so maybe an option, the hard thing is theres no manufacturere naming on them,
    hows your modding skills? I'd build one if i were you, that way you get exactly what you want :)
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