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CPU Heat issues

Here is my system:

MSI p67a-gd65 motherboard
intel i7 2600k
evga gtx 560 ti video card
ultra 750 watt atx psu
seagate 1tb hdd
corsair vengance 4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram X2

windows 7 pro 64x

The problem: So I built this system about a year ago and it ran fine except for some software issues about 11 months ago. Now i have a problem that has to be related to hardware. To put it simply the CPU is idling at 60C. I noticed it when Fallout NV started to lag randomly (run fine, then jump, then run fine again, every few seconds), and i had some issues with minecraft lagging after 5 minutes. So it has been happening for about a week now.

So i checked HWmonitor to see what my CPU temp was idling at. 60C. which is very high. The case temp was 32C though it was a hot day. When i checked in BIOS, it said 97C!! I understand that the BIOS temp will be higher due to the OS not having frequency scaling control. Though not that high right?

But here is the strange thing... When I was in BIOS i had the case open to check if the fans were spinning (They all spin) and i put my hand near the heatsink, and it did not feel that hot (not 97C hot)

it has stock heatsink and fan that came with CPU. No overclock on either the CPU or the GPU. And i cleaned the fans and heatsinks for CPU and GPU, with no change.

My question: Could it be caused by a faulty heat sensor? I dont know too much about such things so I wonder if it is a heat sensor what do i try to return, the CPU or the Motherboard or both? Could it be an issue with the thermal paste, though that does not deteriorate that fast, or at least it should not.

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    Improper mounting of the heat sink (will not get hot that way) or dirt in it is the most likely cause. Since already cleaned reseat with new paste. If that does not work something else is wrong.
  2. I just bought some thermal paste and I will reseat the heatsink. It is strange that the paste would fail after a year, the only computer I had that happen on was 10 years old and it sat in a closet for about a year. I will come back to post results.

    Is Core Temp another utility for checking the sensors?
  3. The name explains it, it tells you the temp of the CPU, it could also help check if the sensors are off if it says that your CPU is 295c then your sensors are off.
  4. Sorry, school started up, and the delivery of the new thermal paste took quite long.

    Core Temp is reporting 75-82 C at 2 %to 10% load. I know that is bad.

    As soon as i get the new thermal paste on, I will report back.

    Any tips on how to do it? I have only helped a friend do it once.

    I know i need isopropyl alcohol to clean of the old paste. From there i am bit clueless.

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  6. So reseating the heatsink worked... it dropped back down to low 30C idle in the OS, according to Core Temp.

    Thanks, and I hope that was it.
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