How to connect to wireless router from laptop - it says no wireless networks in

My laptop won't find any wireless networks in range, when my wireless router is sat right beside it and other wireless devices connect to it no problem. The laptop connects to the internet when connected via a cable to the same router, it's just the wireless bit that's not working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver and the device manager shows all working ok. Any ideas/help would be much appreciated!
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  1. Have you added memory lately? The wireless card is sometimes under the same access cover as the memory, and you may have disconnected the antenna.

    Otherwise, the antenna runs up into the LCD screen, and sometimes they break from use. Or the wireless card may have simply failed.
  2. Quote:
    Or the wireless card may have simply failed.
    :( I was afraid of that. However I have also tried a dongle which used to work and it doesn't recognise it all now.

    I haven't added any memory either.

    I have a horrible feeling it's just not going to work whatever I do, I was just hoping I was missing something obvious or someone would have a genius moment and be able to fix it from afar.

    It might be worth looking to see if the antenna has somehow become disconnected though. But I've never looked inside a laptop before - I've played with the insides of many desktop PCs but never a laptop! But it can't be that different....... !

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. did you check if a wireless button is available that might be in offline mode?
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