Can't get video, card not getting power

Hello, I'm putting together a system of old components, and I can't seem to get any video out of it. I've got an 8800 GT, and 8800 GTX, and my current(but soon replaced) 275 GTX. Both the 8800s fan spins, but I get no video, the 275 GTX fan doesn't spin at all, and still no video. I originally thought it was the old cards, but now that I've tried my current card, which I know works, I'm stumped. Could it be the power supply? Everything else is powering on, CPU, Hard Drives, CD drive. Or perhaps the motherboard? Like the PCIe slot isn't working or something?

Not really sure where to go from here when it comes to testing, I'd test my current power supply, but it would be a pain to get it out of my current case.

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  1. Test the cards with a PSU and mobo that you know to be working and are of reasonable quality. What's the PSU model?
    Go through this to be safe—you may just have a wire loose somewhere:
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