Which GTX570? [HELP!]

I am building a new PC and am trying to decide on which graphics card.

I want to keep the price of my graphics card under $360 or around there preferably.

Which GTX570 card should I get? or should i get a different card that is better?

I was looking at this one - but there are a ton of negative reviews on it recently? So now im not sure.

(i want a good, reliable brand, and one that will run stable)

(please link me to one or some from newegg or wherever)

thanks for the help!
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  1. Don't see many negative reviews..It's a good card, and Evga has a lifetime warranty, which is great.
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    Consider this one:

    Some brand, same warranty, cheaper as well, but no factory overclock (not worth the extra $30 for a few MHz).
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