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I don't know squat about servers but I was wanting to buy my own and I'm not quite sure on what components I need but i only have a small budget of $700 max on the server and I plan to run anything from a high capacity minecraft, tf2, and counterstrike to battlefield 3 and counterstrike global offensive when it releases. I would also prefer these items from newegg or cheapest source possible. I will also provide a monitor and mouse, keyboard, and OS. another note...If you have a RAID setup that works best for a gaming server let me know. Thanks!
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  1. Did you mean

    1. PC dedicated to game server? So needs no graphic muscle? $700 is a lot for that. Pick a CPU from this list (like intel i5-2400) then go to new build forum and have people build you a system around it.,3106.html
    2. PC that you will play games on so needs hi end gaming graphics? If so also got new build forum and ask for pointers to suggested $700 gaming builds. You'll find a lot of build there already.
  2. it is the first 1
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    Good. Create a new post over on New Build. Say you need a dedicated gaming server and fill out the form they like you to fill out. The form includes how much you want to spend.

    Essentially they will be picking a CPU from this list,3106.html then building MB, memory, disk around it.

    Why open a new post -- to get people to look at it. Several day old threads sometimes don't get looked at. Why the new build rather than pre-built forum -- because new build gets more people who like to put together part lists.
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