New IPTV(or video) in the works concerning WEP

Hey I am planning to make a video for the illiterate consumers out there (you know who you are). The plan is to go Crack a test AP using easy to find cracking tools, go wardriving (using kismet and GPSdrive) and informing AP owners of their major vulnerbilities. Right now opinions are everything that I can put into the project right now so your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
I have yet to have thought up a good name so any thoughts on a name would be great.

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  1. hundreds of people have already done this. Save yourself the time and face and refer to their works instead. This way, you won't end up in jail or fined for doing illegal stuff without people's knowledge. But if you do attempt it, get their permission first.
  2. First of all, thanks for the suggestion. Secondly, I apprciate your concern.
    Well this is more for the Greater Indianapolis area. I have consulted school officials (as it is a school project) and my father who used to be an attorney and they have given me the green light. I have been watching several other IPTV (like From the Shadows, Box 3.0: Owning 2.4 GHz) shows as well as some local media from NBC affiate WTHR. From what I've seen, they just show how many open WLANs there are and just recommend options and that's it. In this project I'm also hoping to give how-to's for those who aren't big on computers. Also, I'm planning to purchese a Motorola 802.11g router for the project (WEP penetration demo). It has 64 and 128 bit WEP and WPA w/AES. The specifics can be found on the wireless forums of From the Shadows forums.

    Do you think it's a good deal?
  3. If I were going to do what you're thinking of doing, I'd do it right.

    Get on Ebay, pick up a common Linksys, D-link, and Netgear wireless router. You can probably get all 3 for the price of one wireless router in the store.

    Then I'd go through, configure each one, show people what the screens look like, how wording is different.. Then I'd go about hacking WEP on each one using 128Bit encyption.. or even 64bit just to make it easier for time consideration.

    It's going to be a lot of work though.. you have to appeal to the audience.. meaning, most people out there are using Linksys or D-link routers, which both have their own wording for select options.. even in how to configure WEP.

    You might want to consider covering the advantages and disadvantages of WEP and WPA so people understand to just buy the WPA product and bypass WEP.

    Are you going to cover how to protect a PC too or just the wireless router? Are you going to show the distance to which someone can pick up on a wireless signal?

    It's a big project you're taking on.. it's feasible, but it's going to be frustrating as you're not going to crack WEP on the first try.. unless you're very well versed in cracking it.
  4. Budgeting is a major issue right now and I don't think I'll be able to afford 3 routers just to show them how to add encryption. Also I think it would be a lot of video just to show the audience how to enable WPA/WPA-PSK.
    Plus this motorola 802.11g I found on Froogle was about $27

    I could include documentation, in Layman's Terms, how to enable those security features for common routers.

    I talked with the IT Director of Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana. He said I could do penetration testing on their wireless networks for a buisness point of view as well as a consumer's.
    I still haven't thought about editing and distribution, a friend said he might be able to edit it at his internship as long as he gets credit for it.

    Good suggestion for the advantages and disadvantages part, I'll definatly add that.
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  5. shoot, no go with the editing internship. however most of the parts are being ordered and shipped. All except the garmin gps and the moto router because they are out of stock. I will order them as soon as they are restocked.
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