Writing files to another server...

I'm using Hamachi to connect two computers long distance, but Computer B is unable to open the folder I need on Computer A.

Basically I use a program (A point of sale) and it has to update the version on Computer B from computer A, and also has to write client files -on- Computer A... So I'm trying to network them together in order for it to do this...

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
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  1. I'm questioning why you aren't storing the data you need in a database.

    Regardless of whether you fix this writing issue your design still can run into concurrency issues.
  2. make sure your not being blocked by the computer local firewall
    To test it, turn off the firewalls of both computer and see if you can access it.
    When I use hamachi I always had to unblock the Hamachi IP address of a client computer trying to connect to my computer.
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