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Hello to all, I have ran into a weird situation on the build that Im doing. I have everything installed for rig the thing is I had to do some trouble shooting bc everytime I clamp the heat sink to the brackets the PC would turn on fans spin and everything works but video wont post to the monitor. This is strange to me bc when I release the bracket clamps to take the pressure off it post a video every single time has this ever happend to anyone? I have tried different brackets and heat sinks, Stock, 3rd party ones the only thing I can see happing to help is if I get an H50 and tighten it just a little to where it has a snug connection but regular heatsink brackets seem to be applying to much pressure to the chip and causing it not to post. If anyone knows anything to help it would be much appreciated thanks.
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  1. well you are bending your mobo by applying too much pressure through the heat sink....I think you need to loosen the mobo's mount point screws (a turn or two)on the cabinet to release the pressure else go with the H50
  2. I'll try that to see what happens
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