Urgent question about z68 mobo

Wow so I was going to get the z77 extreme 4 from Asrock but they were out of stock so I just bought a Asrock z68 gen 3 ext 3 but now the other mobo are back, I didn't think they would be back so soon, is the z68 still a good board to use? Is it worth to ship it back and get the z77? Please answer!
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  1. Anyone?!
  2. Chances are, you'll be just fine with the z68, a little more info about what your planning to do would help alot though. The z68 Gen3 is a proven board in any case and should never be considered a bad choice, your really not missing much between the two.
  3. It's really a everyday computer, most likely diablo 3 and lol is the only
    Games and movies. that's about it! thank you so much for the resp
  4. Np yeah in that case you cant go wrong with the z68 your really only missing out on 2 6gbs sata's and two usb 3.0's, other than that the extra 1 year warranty on the z77 isnt too bad, no biggie though, as I said the z68 gen3 is definitely proven ^^b
  5. Thanks man, do you know how often newegg sends defective items? I'm so stoked for my computer bought like 12 items lol
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