Help needed-UPS is my problem

i have a 600VA UPS with 360W output power.
My current PSU is 700W.
During internet browsing or other my UPS can handle the light load but during gaming if a power failure occur UPS turns off suddenly and my pc too.
I know it is because my UPS cannot handle that much load.

My question is does a UPS is really required?
I am not worrying about losing data beacuse game can be played again!

does it causes complaints to hardwares?

If so do i need a new ups or adding another battery is a choice?
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Most people dont even use UPS's. I would not be too worried.

    So hardwares are safe from power failures?(not talking about variations in power,talking about powercut)
  2. anonymous1 said:
    where do you live? do you often have power failures? I am not saying hardware is safe from a power falure but you may be going overboard.

    not often,this is rainy season here,now power failure occurs
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