GTX 570 HD Low FurMark Scores!!!

I got a custom PC from cyberpower and it has an i5-2500K and an EVGA GTX 570 HD Superclocked. I just downloaded FurMark and the scores are terrible! I have a 1000W PSU so thats fine. I have no idea what's wrong, someone please help. Is the card defective?
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  1. Did you install the latest drivers?
  2. Yeah, everything is updated but the scores are still crazy low. :(
  3. i have same problem friend. great fps in occt but fail in furmark. i think it's the nvidia gpu. i read somewhere that the gpu will downclock itself when it detects certain programs being run; prob to protect the card from overstress. pretty lame imo.
  4. Are you sure you got the superclocked 570? Because your clocks speed are very low. I have two 550's and there clocks beat you in all 3. I would think your clocks would be faster than mine.

    Your clocks core = 797 shader = 1594 memory = 1950.
    my clocks core = 951 shader = 1902 memory = 2178.

    I don't know why the difference in the clocks are. This is why I am asking. I have herd other comments about fur mark is hard to get good marks and yet you see a lot of people having wonderful scores.

    There are other bench marking programs out there. But the real test is in the games that is what counts. So if your are getting good fps in the games I wouldn't worry to much about the scores. Good luck to you.

    Try this one to see. It's not the best but it helps.
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