Dell Inspiron 560 upgrade

I have this Dell Inspiron 560 desktop with an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 3.2GHz processor. I have 4GB of RAM.

I want to upgrade my video card to something that can play CS and CS:GO at 100fps. What card do you recommend?

This has a 300 watt PSU
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  1. CS isn't a graphic demanding game but CS GO is a bit.5670 is a good choice.don't play with overclocks.your psu is holding you back.anything above 5670 or 6670 will face bottlenecks from your cpu.
  2. Will a 5670 or 6670 run CS GO at 100 fps?
  3. Aloushi said:
    Will a 5670 or 6670 run CS GO at 100 fps?

    No it won't your CPU is going to hold you back. Even on low res and settings on low. You should get about mid 30's or 40's. You would need a bigger CPU and a GPU.
  4. ^yes he's right.why do you need 100 fps?anything above 40 is silky smooth.
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