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I am having trouble with intermittent internet connection using my Dlink EBR2310 router.

I have two computers both running Win XP wired through the router and sharing an internet connection. Also these computers share Keyboard,video and mouse thru a KVM switch

I have updated the drivers and router firmware but that has not helped. I've seen allot of posts on the internet about problems with this router.

I'm thinking of just getting a new one. I'm also thinking to make my network wireless. I'm trying to determine if I wold need to also buy and install wireless network cards into my two PC's, or if the network cards I have would work as wireless.

On one computer I have an ASUS MB with built on network. The Device Manager says it's a Realtek RTL8168c(p)/8111C(p)

On the other computer an Intel Pro/1000 CT.

i can't tell if these devices would work with a wireless router or not. My needs are fairly simple, primarily network two computers together, use the KVM switch and share the internet connection. (Maybe sometime in the future have connection to a not yet purchased television for downloading movies. thanks for any help or advice!
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  1. Wireless routers still have ports to connect wired computers, so basically you will unplug the wires from the old router and connect to the new one.
  2. Thank you.
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