Looking for good but affordable PSU to support now and (maybe) future upgrades?

Hi, i am looking into getting a new graphics card but first i would like to get a new PSU, my current is unbranded and cheap and don't want to risk anything happening to the PC components (i'm a student so if this dies i'm screwed). I had my eye on a GTX 550TI (cheap but still got some kick?) but i'm open to suggestions. For the PSU i'm willing to spend about £50-£80 and for graphics card £100-£150 could maybe push me higher on the card's limit but not so much on PSU :)

AMD FX-4100
HD Radeon 5450
Gigabyte M68MT-S2

If you need more info, please ask. Thanks in advance.
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  1. In the £100-150 price range there are many much better options than the GTX 550 Ti. I would look for 6850s, 6870s, 7770s, GTX 560s and GTX 560 Tis before going for a GTX 550 Ti, unless the GTX 550 Ti ends up being significantly cheaper.

    ASUS EAH6870 DC/2DI2S/1GD5 (£130 @ Dabs / £132 @ Amazon)

    Gigabyte GV-R777OC-1GD (£90 @ Scan)
    Even this 7770 outperforms GTX 550 Tis, it would only be worth getting a GTX 550 Ti if it is cheaper than a 7770.

    For a build with a single card a high quality 450W PSU with the necessary connectors is plenty.
    Be Quiet Straight Power E9 500W (£63 @ Aria)

    Be Quiet Straight Power E9 CM 480W (£76 @ Ebuyer, Scan)

    If you want to give yourself the option to upgrade to much more power hungry graphics cards in the future, and/or install multiple graphics cards then you will need a high quality 650W+ PSU, if you want a recommendation for one of these then just ask.
    The reason why I haven't given them automatically is because your motherboard doesn't support more than one graphics card. So you would have to upgrade motherboard before you'd be able to utilise a high wattage PSU.
  2. XFX 550 watt Core Edition Pro Series is 60 pounds at Scan. 62 pounds with free shipping from Amazon.

    XFX 650 watt Core Edition Pro Series is 65 pounds at Overclockers.

    GTX 550 Ti is probably fine if you are a casual gamer...but not good enough for more hardcore gamers.

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