EVGA GTX570: GELID cooler

I'm mainly posting this because I had a super-hot EVGA GTX570 HD (a common problem for many with the card) and wasn't able to find much information about aftermarket coolers that would fit.

I picked up the GELID from Newegg for $54 just hoping I wouldn't have any fit problems.

The install was a success, and I'm very happy with the performance of the cooler....especially for the relatively low price.

The only issue I ran into was the cover of the DVI shroud.....unlike the reference card, the EVGA HD stacks a pair of DVI inputs vertically, which gets in the way of the heat pipe. A little crushing with a pair of pliers was all that was required to allow the heat pipe enough clearance.

Here's the old, inadequate, noisy cooler from EVGA....

After installing the GELID....

The stock cooler's performance was awful. Idle temp was 64C, and minutes after starting a game the card would ramp to 94 - 98C!!. The fan was also extremely loud......painfully annoying - even while wearing headphones.

After the GELID install.....Idle temp dropped 12 degrees down to 52C, and under load it now tops out around 76C....around a 20 degree drop. Best of all, the thing is almost silent. Manually setting fan speed to maximum results in almost no increase in noise.
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  1. Hey thanks for sharing that. So in the fucture I know what do. Thanks again.
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