PSU wont power up after hibernate

Hi, recently I started hibernating my desktop instead of leaving it ON. Last week after hibernating the CPU didn't power up at all. After troubleshooting I found that PSU was faulty so I replaced it and it was all working well for couple of days and it won't power up again after hibernate. And PSU is at fault again. I've tried different ways of troubleshooting- disconnecting everything and removing the MOBO battery and all but still nothing. It appears that the PSU was put in the hibernate mode and now it can't be recovered back as there appears to be one of the LEDs on the MOBO that turn on but not enough power for a boot....can someone pls help....
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  1. It is a motherboard/ OS feature not PSU so hardly a PSU fault! List all your specs make and model!
  2. Im sry I can't seem to remember which processor it is and am not sure how to unmount the fan off it, but the MOBO is Intel dg35ec with a NVIDA GEFORCE sry im not much of help but last night I did the pin test on the PSU and it didn't work and put in the PSU from my old PC and it worked (however I can't really use it since it doesn't have the right port to power my HDD)
  3. So basically what you are saying is that you got a bad PSU? Return it for replacement.
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