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I recently built my own gaming PC with a fx-8120 CPU. After a couple of weeks I decided to download the CPUID HWmonitor and see if everything is running at a decent temperature! after seeing the stats I started to doubt if my heatsink on the CPU is seated properly as I saw the following = at idle it runs at 36-38C but while its under any load (video rendering, heavy gaming) it shoots up to 62-65C and the reason why this worries me is because the recommended highest temp for this CPU is 61C!
I,am using the stock cooler that came with CPU as I don't want to void the Warranty!

One last thing When I put together my PC I noticed that the Heatsink had a stupid amount of thermal paste on it, it was like 5mm thick! correct me if I am wrong but I think that's way to much.

Thanks for any feedback :) I will appreciate it a lot.


P.S I have done no OC xD
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  1. I think it's definitely the thermal paste. Too much thermal paste will be less heat conductive than metal against metal. It should be very thin, almost so that you can see the metal of the heatsink or CPU.
  2. i agree, thats way too much on there. Also as a note having 3rd party heatsinks and paste do not void your warranty as far as i know, some intels don't even come with them.

    If it still runs too hot try putting some arctic silver 5 on there, you can get some off ebay for $6.50
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