CONTACTING a MODERATOR when site is down ?

Hi :)

Over the last weekend the Forum was playing up and I could find absolutely no way to EMAIL anyone about it....

I could NOT post in the forum NOR reply to most threads, NOR start a thread like this, NOR reply to a Moderators PM.... :(

Soooo... is there an EMAIL address for Moderators or the site ?


All the best Brett :)
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  1. This topic has been moved from the section CPU & Components to section Forum Feedback by Nikorr
  2. If that happens, try to log in through the, not the UK site
  3. Hi :)

    Thats fine but IS THERE an Email address for the site or the Forum adminstrator ?

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Hi :)

    Ummm well that didnt work... :(

    Logged out, changed to .com, logged back in , and still problems...

    I can see I have got "1 MESSAGE" but the red tag is NOT clickable on either domain... ???

    All the best Brett :)
  5. I think they are fixing something, my No thread button is the only one working.

    Profile or Messages buttons are not clickable at the moment.
  6. Yikes, me too.
  7. Same problem here as well. Happens on all browser versions.
  8. Same problem here as well can't click on anything other than no thread. AHH i want to help people but its annoying to see messages i cant read without going through hoops.

  9. Joe has said the problem is being looked at but somewhere in this sub-Forum or in Site Feedback, he recently posted his e-mail address. Track that down and you have the answer to your question - it may have been or similar but finding that post is your best bet.

    I doubt this post will stick - I'll get "Sorry - this forum is not available" but I'll keep trying.

  10. Its correct address ^ : )
  11. Joe Pishgar is the admin for the site. His email is He's the one to contact.
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