Sapphire 5870 Eyefinity 6 no signal but XFX 5870 Eyefinity 6 works ok

I have a Sapphire 5870 Eyefinity 6 and a XFX 5870 Eyefinity 6 which I am planning to use in crossfire next week. I have had the XFX 5870 for a while and have never had an issue with the card. I picked up the Sapphire yesterday and it booted right up as well, had temperatures all within spec, and even overclocked higher than the XFX ever did. Anyway, I put the card back to default clocks and put the computer into sleep mode. This morning when I woke up the PC to browse the internet there was no signal being fed to the monitor. I restarted the PC a few times to no avail and reset the bios settings (did not clear the CMOS). Still nothing. So then I took out the Sapphire and put the XFX back in and it booted up fine.

I'm not sure if the Sapphire card is actually faulty because it was working perfectly last night and during gaming I had no issues. For some reason there is an issue this morning with the card that I can't figure out. When I get home from work I will uninstall all drivers and clear the CMOS in the hopes that a signal gets fed to my monitor. Otherwise, what else could be the problem? It's literally the same exact reference card as the XFX with a different sticker on it so I don't think there should be any difference in build quality. I was playing Battlefield on it last night for crying out loud! Haha.
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  1. did u try other "output" s of ur card ? ur card should have 2 DVI output i suppose , try to unplug and plug it back again .
  2. No, it's an Eyefinity 6 so it has 6 mini DP outputs. I can try an adapter though when I get home today. Does anyone have any additional recommendations?
  3. i have 2 sapphire 5870 eyefinity 6 edition cards. both work flawlessly alone and in CFX.

    have you tried 1 card at a time?
    what monitors are you connecting to it? and what connectors are you using.

    i use the following
    2x Mini DP to DVI
    Mini DP to DP -> DP to DVI Active adapter.

    1 of the 6 ports on one of my cards gives a very greyed out image, you could have a faulty adapter or mini DP
  4. Yeah, I doubt the card is faulty as it worked all day yesterday and I made sure the card worked on the guys PC whom I purchased it from before coming home with it. Like I said I was gaming with it last night and all was well. The clocks were changing from 2d to 3d, the temperatures were remaining below 80 degrees, vrms never went above 84, etc. etc.

    I currently have an mATX motherboard as I purchased this card to go along with a new i5-2500k and ASUS P8Z68-V/Gen3 ATX board so I could run the XFX and Sapphire cards in crossfire.

    The card is connected via a mini DP to DP cable to a Hazro HZ27WD monitor (Apple Cinema Display clone). I have heard of issues with the monitor and HD5000 series cards in the past before they offered a bios update on the monitors sometime last summer, but the XFX 5870 2gb works just fine with the monitor and the Sapphire was doing the same last night until I tried to take it out of sleep mode this morning.

    This morning before I headed to work I tried all 6 mini DP ports and still received no image, although at one point the monitor did turn on when plugged into one of the ports, but it said "no sync" which meant it was receiving no signal.

    Could it possibly be a short somewhere on my motherboard that is causing this temporary problem?
  5. Just tested every symptom I could think of. The card will not post no matter what. I listened to it during startup and the fan initially turns on just like the XFX with the same amount of RPM and noise. Then after 30-45 seconds the fan drops to silent levels and the card heats up very very quickly to where the back plate is even hot to the touch.

    I suppose there isn't much else I can do except try it on another persons computer and see if it works...
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