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650W Power Supply

Looking to get a 650w (if that's enough) power supply for my i5-3570k OC'd and HD 7870 with the possibility of adding another 7870 in the future.

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated
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    Yes 650W is more than enough for a build with 7870 CF.

    Out of the three PSUs listed (Corsair TX650 V2, Lepa B650-SA and XFX Core Edition PRO650W (P1-650S-NLB9)) the XFX is the only one which has the correct number of PCIe connectors (four) for two 7870s, as a single 7870 needs two PCIe connectors each.
    So I would recommend you get that one.

    However the 750W version is cheaper at NCIX US:
    XFX ProSeries 750W Core Edition ($85)

    And the 650W version has a $10 rebate at NCIX US as well.

    This is also at a good price and a much better unit IMO:
    Rosewill Capstone-750M ($110 @ Newegg / 20% off promo code)
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