Bad volts??? Bad power supply???

So I went out yesterday and bough a new psu. It's corsair ax850

My computer gave me a warning today. It ran fine last night after installing everything. This morning I boot it up and It's said warning 4.""""" volts. Suddenly a hard drive is no longer there. Can't seem to find it running normal in bios or using the windows 7 cd idk if that means its shot now. But the big question is is my power supply bad or something?? Here r my volt reading from bios with one of them being red. I've never seen this before.

CPU voltage: +1.248
3.3voltage: +3.392
5v voltage: +4.320 ( this is the bad one the one in red and the one I got a warning about)
12voltage +12.384

Someone please help me and tell me what's going on with this thing.
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  1. I checked my hard drive it's ok!!!!! I think it's a faulty power supply going to go exchange it at the store and see what happens
  2. Solved it!!!!!! It was a faulty psu. I went and got it replaced today and the new one is giving good feed back. Volts r good no red signs no warnings!!!!!!

    Hopefully the fault one didn't hurt my pc!!! Only time will tell.
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