Need help finding a PSU.

I'm recycling some old PC parts to create a PC for my friend. We have everything sorted out just not the PSU - this is what I need help with!

Here are the current system specs:

i7-920 @ stock
6GB Kingston value ram
Socket 1366 motherboard pulled out from a HP can't tell which manufacture
Asus GTX 560
Seagate 600GB HDD @ 7200RPM

Which PSU would you recommend?
I was looking at:

But not really sure now, PSU must be under £40 due to the budget-ness of this PC.

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  1. Yes that will be fine for your system, and is probably the best option below £40.
  2. This might not be the exact same model but...

    Packaging says "conductive polymer capacitors" but the unit actually contains good ol' Chemi Con electrolytic caps. Also says it uses DC-DC conversion when the design is actually a standard multi-rail transformer design with an odd cross-loading behavior.

    Still gets a 8.5/10 score.
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