PSU 115 vs 230 switch WHICH ONE?!

I have a Rosewill Lightning gaming power supply, specifically:

This thing doens't say which side is the 115 or 230 setting. The switch actually has 3 settings. Left, Center and Right. I don't know which position it should be in. Any advice?

What happens if I get this wrong?
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    If you get it wrong the power supply explodes. That PSU also has active PFC so it shouldn't have a voltage switch, i believe the switch shown in that picture is for the fan color.

    What country are you in?
  2. Oh *** you're right! I forgot it had that feature!

    I feel so dumb now. Thanks!
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  4. If you are in a 110-125V country, setting the wrong position may do:
    - nothing
    - PSU works but likely at reduced efficiency and reduced margins to cover brownouts
    - PSU blows its fuse or possibly more

    If you are in a 220-240V country, setting the wrong position will:
    - almost certainly blow the fuse
    - possibly destroy the PSU
    - maybe damage computer components if the PSU rings its outputs faster than it can blow itself up

    So the wrong position in a ~120V area is relatively safe while the wrong position in a ~240V area is almost guaranteed to blow something up.
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