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I recently built a new pc and when I went to turn it on nothing happend. Checked connectios along with both motherboard power connections. Tried shorting power sw to start still nothing happend.. I starting removing parts such as video card etc. only kept one stick of ram in.. Pressed button and computer came on for one second and went off. Did this a couple more times. then I removed the other stick of ram. will not do anything again when pressing power button.. Put one stick of ram back in and pressed power button and this time it came on for one second again. Tried powering on again and now nothing happens. I havnt been able to get it to do anything since this point . I am mind boggled of what could be going on. I know the power supply is good bc I used one I had just put in my other computer. Other then the psu everything was new. I had just had the old computer on before a started on my new build. I really hope someone can help me out.
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  1. what are the PC parts? have you checked that the CPU is compatible with the motherboard with that BIOS revision?
  2. have you tried the mb on a box outisde the case to see if you shorted it out?? most times people forget to use the stand offs or they short the mb out with the i/o shield. also most new mb have need for extra power there is a 4 or 8 pin connector that needs to be plugged into most new mb. also mb wont post if you forget to connect power to the video card. one otherthing to check is the mb to case header that the led and reset switches are in the right places. new power supplys and mb have dead short protection in them if they see a dead short they wont turn on.
  3. my motherboard is a gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3.

    I took the motherboard out of the computer and placed it on a cardboard box. Took all components out even the cpu. Motherboard will still not power up. I even took my power supply to my old computer to just to double check myself and the psu is fine. It seems I may be at a loss and have a fried board. Any other ideas?
  4. Finally got my pc running..found out the retention bracket for the hyper 212 plus cpu cooler was showing some bare copper and fried the board.. Had to rma board..thank you for your help
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