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Recently i've upgraded to a Sapphire HD5970, It's a great card and i'm really loving the performance of it but I can't stop it crashing in Windows 7 running directx 10 & 11 games, I'm pretty sure it's a driver problem or similar as it runs fine in XP 32bit for hours on end.

I'm running the latest 12.1 drivers and have used driver sweeper prior to installing them.

Basically the game will crash about 10 minutes into playing, it will freeze up, i'll be able to alt+tab out of it and shortly after the whole comp will freeze up to the point of needin to restart as the mouse will be frozen too.

games i've tried so far are crysis, crysis 2, and dirt III. planning to try more games to see if it crashes in dx9 ones also.

Is there a more stable set of drivers than 12.1 for this card?

Are there any error logs i could view to find out why this is happening??

I've just recently got a new power supply, acbel m88 900w, should i be running two separate modular leads to the graphics card instead of one (modular to 6pin+8pin)? (in case there's only one 12v rail per modular cable?)

Thanks in advance for any help ..

Gigabyte gA-770ta-ud3
Amd 1055t OC 3.2Ghz
6gb ddr3 1333mhz
3x 74gb raid 0
asus xonar hdav 1.3 deluxe
acbel m88 900w 80 silver
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    Keep an on the Temps, these card's run really really hot (just retired a pair of them myself in favour of 7970's)
  2. Thanks for the replies, since i've posted I've tried Battlefield 3 and still have the same problem.

    Have uninstalled, used driver sweeper and reinstalled Catalyst 12.2 and amd chipset drivers as per suggestion but i'm still getting crash to black screens.

    Temperatures seem OK. according to catalyst, It runs around 44-52degrees idling and 60-70 in game. It runs cooler than the HD4890 i've upgraded from...
  3. I've just gone to increase the fan speed in catalyst to see if games would last longer before crashing etc if running at a faster speed but it appears I cannot get the fan speed to change.
    It is constantly on 29%, even when i manually set it to run higher i.e. 50-70%.

    I'll try to change it in XP and see if it works there and also run msi afterburner to see if it is actually increasing as the temperature increases.
  4. Ok, so i had to check "enable ati overdrive" to have the checked "manual speed control" work lol.

    I think you might be right about the temperatures kitsunestarwind.

    Without manual fan control, Crysis quickly brings the temperature of the graphics card from 40 to 82 degrees, Fan stays on 29% and doesnt' seem to be increasing itself as the temperature goes up. (stayed on 29% till 82degrees and didnt change)

    Have tried running crysis at 50% fan and has actually lasted a lot longer and not crashed (40min or so).. Will post updates but i think the cards actually getting to hot.

    Might try make a custom fan profile with rivatuner to bring the fan speed up faster will post with results. Thanks

    If anyone has any idea why the fan speed isn't increasing please let me know.

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