Need help finding a good Desktop monitor.

Hi ,im looking for a good monitor,I already found some but Please tell me if you know a better one in my price range .
Price max:300
Buying from:Canada
VideoCard used:7870

Here are those that i found .
1st: Dell s2230mx
2nd: Dell u2312hm;subnav
3rd:Asus VE247H;subnav
4th:Asus Ve248H;subnav
5th: Dell U2412m;subnav NVM the 2412 its OVERbudget :(
6th:HP x2301;subnav
7th:LG E2350V;subnav
8th:Samsung S23A350H;subnav
9th:Asus VE276Q;subnav
10:Asus vh238

I know its a long list :P But well this is like the top ten i made :| So if you think there's a monitor better than those one ,just tell me :) Otherwise , which one is better ? Thank you for your time .

(Brb in 3H)
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  1. Aww ,no one know what's the best monitor for a 300$ budget ? :(
  2. Dell Ultrasharp's are very good.
  3. I'm using this one:

    5th: Dell U2412m [...] col;subnav

    and its great. Under $300 if you shop around.
  4. Ain't the 8ms bad for gaming ? do we see a difference between 8ms and 2 ms ?

    (Sorry for my bad Engrish btw :) )
  5. your eye might notice the difference at some conditions, the problem is that your GPU will not be able to render at that speed and your muscles will not be able to react to anything that your eye notices in that time frame.

    so, overpaying 6ms difference is silly.
  6. Hi. Personally, I'd go with the 24" Dell U2412m ultrasharp you listed but I'm not sure you'll be able to find it for under $300 from a reputable dealer. I'm not familiar with provantage, who according to your link are selling it for $280. It's currently on newegg for $339.

    Dell makes some excellent monitors. I purchased my first 24" Dell ultrasharp some 4-5 years ago and haven't had any issues, would purchase another one in a heartbeat. Either way, I'd strongly suggest getting a 24".

    Dell U2412m:
  7. Hi sorry , but I cant find the 2412M at a good price and I really cant go over 300$ ... I know i add put it in my choice but I gotta remove it .

    So the screen must be available in Canada and under 300$ -taxes . Thank for you help .
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    Hi, dell ultrasharps, the 23 and 24 inch models use IPS panels, which is far superior in color gamma to TN panels.

    So, my advice to you, if you cannot afford the 24", get the 23" the difference really isn't that big and you'll still get the quality monitor that dell makes.
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