New card, reinstall drivers ?

I got an HD3870 atm and tomorrow my new 6950 will arrive. Do i have to uninstall the drivers, swap cards and install the drivers again ? Or do I just swap cards and that's it.
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  1. Uninstall the 3870 ATi drivers and software before you change-out the cards. After boot to OS, install the new ATi drivers and software for the 6850 - you can either use the drivers and software on the 6850's CD or download them from the ATi driver site before you do the change-out.
  2. You may not HAVE to uninstall anything. How up-to-date are your drivers? The Radeon HD 3xxx to 6xxx cards use the same drivers. If you have recent drivers ( to be safe, something from the last 4 months ) you dont need to uninstall. Just remove the old card and pop in the new one. Windows will see the config change and should use the currently installed AMD driver.
  3. That's what i was thinking. I checked the AMD site and the driver package for the 3xxx series and the one for 6xxx series are the same size , revision number and release date. Therefore i assume that the drivers are the same. I have the latest driver installed so I was thinking that it makes no sense the reinstall.
  4. I think you should do it just to be sure, it can't hurt.
  5. The driver packages contain the drivers for each of the Radeon series, that is why they are so darn big. The installation the program finds the specific installed card and installs the drivers for THAT card, AND NOT for any other Radeon card.
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