Looking for a CPU cooler

i have a p8z77-v motherboard with i5 3570k processor and Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 ram with evga gtx 670 ftw edition with the cool master scout case

my question is what cooler should i get...? i have looked at the evo 212 but im worried if it will fit (with the ram being in the way)

it will definitely fit in my case no problem its the ram thats an issue

any thoughts? iv already ordered the ram so i cant send it back .. and its 2x4 8gb ram

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  1. Since that's an 8GB kit, and you'll be using the A2 and B2 RAM slots on that board, RAM clearance won't be an issue. Even if it somehow turns out to be an issue, you can just raise the fan on the Evo up slightly to clear the RAM.
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